Talk by Dr Venelin Ganev

Dr Venelin Ganev will be speaking on ‘The Paradox of Political Openings. Democratization and the Crisis of Stateness in Postcommunism’. The seminar takes place this Wednesday, 27 October, at the European Studies Centre of St Antony’s College, 70 Woodstock Road, Oxford at 5 pm.


Venelin Ganev is Associate Professor of Political Science at Miami University. He obtained his PhD from the University of Chicago and an LM from the University of Sofia, and his research interests include comparative politics and political theory. Recent publications include Preying on the State: The Transformation of Bulgaria After 1989 (Cornell University Press, 2007); ‘Understanding Leviathan’s Malaise: Stateness and the Crisis of Governability in Post-Communist Polities’, in D. Kostovicova and V. Bojicic-Dzelilovic (eds.), Persistent State Weakness in the Global Age (Ashgate, 2009); and ‘Postcommunist Political Capitalism: A Weberian Interpretation’, Comparative Studies in Society and History 51.3 (July 2009). Professor Ganev is currently working on the economic sociology of early postcommunism with reference to Joseph Schumpeter’s theory of the tax state; a survey of the black market for hard rock in Bulgaria in the 1980s; and a monograph on Max Weber and his notion of ‘the routinization of charisma’.

The seminar forms part of a series (‘Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe: the state of the art’) organized by the ERC-funded project on Media and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe.