Oxford Bulgarian Charity Ball 2008

The Oxford Bulgarian Charity Ball 2008 was held at the enchanting grounds of one of Oxford’s oldest colleges - Hertford. It presented our guests with a traditional Oxford experience - greeted by a sherry reception, they were then treated with a tantalizing meal. The party  continued with port, generous deserts and live music. For the enthusiasts - there was an after-party at a nearby club.


You can see some pictures of the event here!

The aim of the Ball was to raise funds for orphans and underprivileged children in Bulgaria. We were very successful in this mission - having managed to raise more than 2,000 leva. These were donated in the form of items of first necessity, like shoes, school bags, various types of clothing and of course some sweets, to the kids of the boarding school for orphans and underprivileged children Asen Zlatarov, in Nadejda, Sofia. The director of the school and the children expressed their gratitude to all who contributed to this charitable enterprise, and we can attest that they were more than deserving of this generosity.

Oxford University Bulgarian Society expresses its gratitude to the Bulgarian City Club in London for the help in organising the event and contributing to its charitable aim.